Air Conditioning Does Not Chill: The Myth & the Solution

When an air conditioner does not cool it can be due to multiple reasons, not only due to the lack of gas. Most people think of this as the first option that does not cool their equipment, but it is not the only one, it is more, all this of the lack of gas has become a myth and a way that have the brightest to get people’s money.

Why the air conditioner does not cool

Below are thelistsof different types of breakdowns or problems that make an air conditioner not cold:

  1. Lack of gas

As almost everyone knows this is a cause that an air conditioner does not work. The lacking of gas can be caused by a leakage in the refrigerant circuits, because there happened to be an error to the installations or because one small pore has been opened on the pipe or welding due to vibrations.

  1. Starter capacitor

When one of the start capacitors does not work, either from the fan or from the compressor, you will see that the indoor unit works correctly but does not get cold.When the fan start capacitor is broken, it does not turn (does not work). If you go to the outdoor unit and the fan does not work, it is most likely that the capacitor is damaged.It can also be due to a fault or fault in the motor of the same.

On the other hand when the compressor condenser does not work you will see the external fan working correctly, but the compressor will be stopped, so that the indoor unit will work correctly but it will not be cold.

When the fansthemself make more noise than compressors (that can occur in hushed machines such as inverters) the way to find out if the compressor works or not is touching the pipes. If the pipe is at room temp it means that it is not runing. In this situation it is better to consult with a reliable aircon servicing Singapore Company.

When Air conditioners do not cool by dirty filters

At the time the filters happen to be dirty there is a pressure drop of the gas in the indoor unit because the air does not circulate as it should, therefore you can notice that the equipment cools more (it even freezes) but does not air-condition or cool your stay.

This is because not having done the good maintenances.To clean these filters one can do the simply with your hands as well as little soaps, however you can use a soft-cell brush as well as hot water, this will make them cleaner and more disinfected. For better maintenance you can call up a professional from the Good at aircon servicing Singapore Company.

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