Treatment for the Proper Detox

Treatment of such a serious illness as narcotic or alcohol dependence, without the desire of the patient itself is impossible. The most important step in the treatment of drug addiction is the psychological aspect. Namely, the patient’s desire to return to a full healthy life. Therefore, a term such as intervention appeared in medicine. In other words, this is a psychological conversation between the doctor and the patient. The main goal is to encourage the patient to begin treatment for such a serious ailment.

At the moment, clinic conducts effective intervention, motivating consultations and trainings that cause patients desire for treatment. The main essence of this stage of treatment is first of all to find out the degree of the patient’s attraction to drugs, the person’s propensity to live without them. Their specialists use advanced international methods that help people start treatment. 9 out of 10 addicted people who did not want to be treated, after having conversations with their psychologists wanted to undergo a course of recovery! For the proper detox this is important.

Motivation of patients

Intervention with an experienced psychologist – in fact, this is the first step to recovery. In their clinic, we practice an exclusively individual approach to patients. Therefore, each drug addict has its own motivating program.

The goal is to convey to the patient his oppressive state, to tell about his illness and that the use of dangerous substances leads not only to the degradation of the personality, but also to death.

It should be remembered that only a professional in his field can correctly communicate this. Own forces cannot do this. Threats, pleas, tears will not bring any result. In the clinic only highly qualified specialists with long-term work experience work. In addition to undergoing treatment in the clinic, there is a service of calling a doctor at home. It is necessary for those people who feel more comfortable at home.

Patient motivation and intervention

If you are faced with such a problem as drug addiction, be sure to call the clinic. During the first conversation, the information necessary for the initial communication with the patient is formed. This stage is followed by the following:

  • A thorough analysis of information, drawing up a plan of conversation with the patient;
  • A meeting of a professional psychologist, with a dependent person. During the conversation we talk about the terrible threat that carries the disease. Step by step, the process of motivation and persuasion of a person to begin treatment;
  • The final stage of the intervention – the patient’s consent to begin treatment and rehabilitation process.

At first glance it may seem that this procedure is quite easy. But this is a deceptive impression. Trust must only competent professionals with extensive experience.

Guarantee of anonymity

Take care of yourself and your loved ones. Do not use drugs and alcohol.theirlife is beautiful and too short to waste it on bad habits.

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