Proper Options for the Best Specialists Now

As a beginner in the profession associated with logistics, find the first job? It’s hard to do without experience. How to start, what to do, if you need to work, and companies are not interested in those who do not have experience?

  • Yet no newcomer did not immediately become a logistics director. But we know the head of the logistics department, who just graduated from the university – he worked in the logistics department of the company during his studies at the university. There is, of course, a question to the level of his knowledge. But the experience at a sufficiently high level to guide the logistics of the company. The load boards for truckers specialists are there now.
  • Start from the very beginning. Planning to become a director of logistics immediately is the right chance to kill a professional in the future by burning or breaking firewood at the first job, as the theory cannot always replace practice. It is easier to enter logistics, having behind experience in the commercial block (sales). It will be easier in the future, it will be easier to deal with the client.
  • Some large foreign companies prefer to take novices without experience, but with English, immerse them in work without training and watch how they come out. Positions can be completely different – from sales to operations, and on complex shipments. Such beginners are needed to save on specialists and to grow (if they come out) their new specialists.

If you want to develop in the logistics profession, but you cannot sell the existing knowledge to the employer, then agree to the loader. But, depending on which company go to such companies where one can really get the best practices, practical professional knowledge at the world level, a clear career growth is possible, and in general the company is focused on growing its own staff.

So, settle into any position related to logistics. One of the general managers of McDonald’s-Moscow generally began with the position of a room cleaner. He says that if they arrange a championship for wet cleaning of premises, then he will undoubtedly become a champion. So, work on different operational positions.

From what position is it better to start a career in logistics?

We need an “analogy” of the same position in logistics. Accordingly, the path to logistics for a person with a higher education goes either through analytics / accounting or from other departments of the company, where the employee receives a primary experience.Start with any starting position in logistics related to practical operational work in the fields: loader, driver, analyst, dispatcher, economist, assistant manager. The operational experience is important.

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