Options for Company Shining With Support from factoring Companies

One of them is the factoring that becomes the means to prevent and control these difficulties. The factoring in its traditional conception includes the management and collection of the credits assigned by the client and accepted by the factor, which assumes, according to the contract, the insolvency risk of the debtors. This approach places the companies factoring as companies providing services, but the introduction to the factoring of the advances to the client implies its inclusion to the financial sector, constituting many times its main purpose. Taking the help of the invoice factoring companies really helps out.

For companies it is common to face problems of various kinds, initially they are:

  • The high percentage of financing of the entities
  • The difficulties in accessing other sources of resources.
  • The traditional administrative organization in the production units
  • Classical and sometimes antiquated practices that are preserved in sales and customer relations.
  • To this must be added what brings credit sales, that is,
  • The lengthening of the collection cycles.
  • The lack of immediate liquids

The possibility of not charging

The need to maintain personnel in charge of the permanent knowledge of the solvency of the debtors.

All this constitutes a threat to achieve financial equilibrium, which is why it is necessary to search for financing variants .

These brief ideas allow us to deduce the position, importance and effects of factoring as the solution to these problems. The use of this service facilitates the management of the company especially when it comes to sales made abroad. Factoring has begun to be accepted as part of commercial life, and although there is still a wide margin for dissemination and full use of it, it is expected that in a reasonable time it will occupy a significant place in the economic context.

For the above reasons, it is necessary to present asynthesis of the most important theoretical aspects related to the Factoring product.


Sales are the main income of a business, and the main expense is the cost of the merchandise sold. Net sales less the cost of merchandise sold is known as gross margin or gross profit. This amount measures the success or failure of the business in selling your products at a higher price than what you paid for them. Sales can be made in cash or credit. A cash sale is the operation of selling goodsor services receiving immediately the amount of said transaction. Most of the sales made by wholesale merchants, manufacturers and retail merchants are made on credit, to provide greater agility to the business, in addition to building a broad and growing base of profitable sales.

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